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Points for attention in PCB design
  • Date:2020-10-29

1. For the circuit that needs to be bent repeatedly, it is better to use single-layer flexible structure, and use RA copper to add fatigue life.
2. Insist that the copper wire of flexible circuit should be bent along the straight direction. But sometimes it can not be done, so please try to reduce the bending amplitude and frequency, or use conical bending according to the requirements of mechanical planning.
3. It is better to avoid using abrupt right angle or hard straight 45 ° angle routing, but use arc angle routing. In this way, the stress of copper sheet can be reduced during bending.
4. Do not change the wiring width suddenly. The sudden change of wiring width or connecting to the pad will form a weak point of force.
5. Supply reinforcement for pad. Due to the use of a low viscosity adhesive (relative to FR-4), the copper on the flexible circuit is more easily separated from the polyimide substrate. So it is very important to reinforce the exposed copper sheet. The coated through holes provide proper anchoring for the two flexible layers, so the use of through holes is a very good reinforcement method.
6. Adhere to double-sided flexibility. For dynamic double-sided flexible circuits, it is necessary to avoid placing wires in the same direction as far as possible, but stagger them so that the copper wires are evenly distributed.
7. It is necessary to consider the bending radius of the flexible plate. If the bending radius is too small, it will be easily damaged.
8. Reduce the total area, optimize the planning and reduce the cost.
9. Consider the construction of plane space after installation.

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